Animals Still Used In Unnecessary Botox Tests When Alternatives are Available In Ireland

Dr Katy Taylor “While these figures are encouraging, we cannot overlook the shocking fact that over 90,000 tests were still conducted despite the availability of an accepted non-animal replacement. We hope, when Ireland’s animal testing statistics are next reported, to see that all botulinum toxin testing on animals has stopped for good.”


Organ-on-Chip: Playing LEGO® With Mini-Organs To Reduce Animal Testing

“A potential medicine might be found to be safe and effective in mice, but is later discovered to be toxic or ineffective in humans. With Organ-on-chip systems, we can study whether the medicine works and/or if it does any harm. By doing this, we also would not need to use laboratory animals anymore to know if a medicine is safe.” - Rogal, Cipriano and Loskill


White Coat Waste Victory! LA Veterans Administration Ends Experiments On Kittens and Cats

“Last year, I helped introduce a bill calling for an end to $15 BILLION worth of taxpayer-funded animal cruelty. Good news: the VA has begun to end these truly gruesome experiments. I will keep fighting to stop this from happening in your name and money!“ - Republican Brian Mast


Persistent Breaches Of European Laws Within Vivotecnia Laboratory In Madrid

“Idiaz Ayuso has lifted the suspension of Vivotecnia laboratory, where we saw scenes of abuse reported by Cruelty Free International. The Community of Madrid has preferred to look the other way, despite repeated requests from civil society, different institutions and the judicial process.” Sergio Torres General Director of Animal Rights


Biotech Groups And Pharmaceuticals Explore Alternative Research Says CEO David Harel

Animal immune systems function very differently to humans, and what is safe and effective for an animal may not be for a human and vice versa. A growing number of pharma and biotech groups are exploring the potential of alternative research methods. CytoReason counts Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline among its partners


New Mini 3D Model of Human Bone Marrow Developed Which Will Benefits New Therapies

Mini 3D model of human bone marrow combines a scaffolding of silk protein and culture of patient-derived cells to recreate the human bone marrow environment where platelets are produced. “This device is a significant improvement over previous models, requiring only a very small sample of blood to recreate platelet production." Di Buduo


MEP Michal Wiezik Calls On EU To Create Concrete Goals To Replace Animals In Science

“In 2017, 23 million animals were impacted by science. I'm asking The European Commission to do more with concrete goals to replace animals in specific scientific areas. Targeted funding, education and broad collaborations are key to making innovative models and technologies the new normal.” Michal Wiezik MEP


TV Presenter Eamonn Holmes Responds To News About Dog Breeding Facility In England

When TV Presenter Eamonn Holmes was sent a news article about dogs being bred on 'factory farms' and then force fed chemicals in 'painful' experiments at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire. He took to social media immediately:“Dear God why do we continue to betray the trust of an animal that loves us the most. This is Evil.” Eamonn Holmes


European Parliament Voted Unanimously To Phase Out Animal Experiments

With a 667 to 4 vote. “While the past decade has seen amazing new developments in alternatives to animal testing, policymakers, regulators and parts of the scientific community are yet to fully recognise the potential of these new methods. The resolution we voted on today aims to accelerate the shift in mentalities, regulation and funding,” MEP Tilly Metz


Two Years Since Publication Of LPT Undercover Investigation In German Laboratory

LPT in Hamburg-Neugraben closed in February 2020 after animal rights activists discovered that dogs and monkeys were mistreated. “This is a major victory for all those involved in the investigation and for all those who have campaigned tirelessly in Germany and around Europe for animal tests to end at the facility.” Dr. Katy Taylor


Singer Will Young Chains Himself To Gates Of Dog Breeding Facility In Cambridgeshire

Supporting Will Young’s demonstration at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire. Irish TV and Radio presenter Ryan Tubridy said: “He is doing the right thing, ultimately.” While Will may have looked like he was alone, numerous campaigners stood on the opposite side of the road, chanting for the beagles to be freed and holding up their own signs.


Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Are Working On Sophisticated Stomach Organoids

In Global News Researchers at Cincinnati Children's are working on multi-layered sophisticated stomach organoids, with distinct glands and nerve cells. “Our vision at Cincinnati Children’s CuSTOM is to use new innovative stem cell and organoid technologies to change the outcome of regenerative medicine in the 21st Century.”

“My wish for 2022: an ambitious EU action plan to phase-out the use of animals in science for good.
The ball is currently in the Commission’s court, after the European Parliament adopted a
resolution in September 2021, calling for such a plan.”

Tilly Metz MEP

tells SAFRIreland