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1.2 Million Signed European Citizens Initiative to End Cosmetic Tests On Animals 

"We must persist in speaking up, with passion, conviction and commitment, if we are to seize the opportunity to fundamentally change the methods and data used to assure chemical safety."-says Dr Julia Fentem


Improving Human Health Without Harming Animals with Science Breakthroughs

“Organ-on-a-chip technology will dramatically transform the entire drug discovery and development pipeline and ultimately eliminate unnecessary animal testing.” said Emulate CEO Jim Corbett


Lab-cultivated human Cornea Tissues In Development Replacing Rabbits

Until now, the eye irritancy potential of chemical substances has been assessed using the Draize test on live rabbits. Now the cruelty free eye damage test is non-destructive and can be reused. 


SAFRIreland, NARA & The IAV Launch New Ban Botox Testing Campaign 

The three groups launched the campaign outside Dáil Éireann and HPRA on WDAIL 2023. Ireland is the worst offender in the European Union carrying out the most botulinum toxin tests. One of the locations being Westport


Critical Public Hearing Takes Place At The European Parliament 

In September 2021, MEPs voted by an overwhelming majority (667 to 4) in support of an action plan to accelerate the transition from the use of animals in research and testing to human-relevant science


University Of Galway Conduct Cruel Pain And Anxiety Tests On Young Rats

Inhumane studies were carried out on young rats who were genetically modfied to have autism. Hot plates and drops of acetone were used to create extreme and instant temperature responses.


SAFRIreland Says ‘NO!’ To 3R’s Welfarist Move With New Centre Idea For Ireland

A 3Rs centre would be a disguise to hide behind the use of animals. The 3Rs ideology makes those who conduct atrocities feel better about the acts they commit, while appearing to the public that animals are being saved.


Cadaver-Free Brain Models and Augmented Reality With UpSurgeOn 

All participants agreed that the app helped develop anatomical orientation. Unanimously agreeing that this model should be part of residency training. Which  solidified their decision to pursue neurosurgery


Al Jazeera New Documentary Exposes The Trafficking Of Wild Monkeys 

In Cambodia whistleblowers allege that the government is  involved in the trafficking of wild monkeys. Since China banned exports of lab monkeys in 2020. Which made primates in high demand.across the world.


Royal College of Surgeons Ireland Commission Painful Animal Experiments In US

The IAVS is calling on the government to investigate the conduct of the RCSI and for Irish institutions to stop offshoring animal testing to countries where regulations and welfare laws are a lot weaker. 


New Platform With Resources And Guidance Towards Non Animal Methods 

COLAAB aims to develop and implement tools and tactics to mitigate animal methods bias and engage journals, funders, institutions, editors, authors, and early-career researchers about this issue. New Website to launch soon.



Queen's University Belfast Is Responsible For 22,999 Animal Experiments In 2022

Roughly 66% of the animals that were used in this unethical science were rodents. Other animals involved were laboratory fish and wildlife species made up of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians