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SAFRIreland News Article Published February 2022

Today Sir Paul McCartney joins animal rights groups across Europe to support the European Citizen’s Initiative to uphold the Animal Cosmetic Testing Ban

In a quote published today Sir Paul McCartney says:
We all thought the battle was over and that cosmetics tests on animals in Europe were a thing of the past, but sadly, that’s not the case. The European Chemicals Agency continues to demand the use of thousands of rabbits, rats, fish, and other animals in cosmetics ingredients tests. But you can help put a stop to it. No animal should suffer for beauty, so if you’re an EU citizen, please go to and sign the European Citizens Initiative to protect the ban. Signing the petition takes only a minute – and it will help save lives.

The campaign was first launch by Cruelty Free Europe, PETA, Dove and The Body Shop.

It is imperative for the animal testing ban to be upheld at this significant time. Successful research in this area has proven and confirmed that animals are no longer required in these tests. Laboratories are just prolonging an unnecessary and outdated way of research for lucrative and competitive gains.” Suzanne Martin of SAFRIreland


  1. Thousands of animals are still being forced to inhale or ingest cosmetics ingredients in tests required by the European Chemicals Agency, and the EU’s animal testing ban – which set a global precedent – has come under threat because of new requirements for avoidable animal tests for ingredients that have been safely used for years.

  2. The ingredients flagged for additional testing are marketed globally and will therefore impact everyone’s ability to buy cruelty-free products unless we act now. To be successful, the initiative needs the support of 1 million EU citizens – regardless of where they live. This link below must be shared around the world: